We know that loving someone doesn’t really mean that you’ll always be happy, that you’ll never feel unneeded and unwanted or undeserving of the emotions you are feeling, that as long as you’re together nothing else matters.

Sometimes we wonder what the hell is wrong with us? Why we can’t make the ones we love happy? Why can’t you take away all his worries? You often ask yourself, “Am I not enough?” “Am I giving too much?” There are times when we tend to hold what we love so tight, so afraid of losing them but instead of keeping them you didn’t realize that you’re slowly pushing them away. Sometimes you feel you worthless, it seems like you’re not doing anything right for those who are precious to you.

Sometimes there are questions and worries that don’t need answers and solutions. People just have to accept that not everything will turn out as you wished it would but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on loving the only person whom you believe deserves all the love you can give.

Choosing the love of your life is never easy as well as making them stay. It requires a lot of sacrifices and compromise. You won’t always get what you want despite everything that you think you’re doing for the relationship. Because you may think that he’s not doing enough but that’s who he is. No two individual are the same so we’re not supposed to compare. Not doing the same things as you do doesn’t mean he loves you less. As long as he’s showing his love for you in his own way.

And hey, your love is your choice. Although we don’t choose who will make us head over heels to, we always have the choice to go on or stop. But as long as you know you love the person and he loves you back, and you know in yourself that the relationship is still worth fighting for, why give up?

You chose to be with the person not just through the good times but as well as through the bad. Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. Anybody can hurt you most especially those who are dearest to you but you should always keep in mind that your love should always be greater than your flaws, imperfections and shortcomings.

We can’t just leave at the first feel of pain. We can’t just leave because your partner forgets about your anniversary. We can’t leave because he didn’t kiss you good night. We can’t leave just because he turned his back on you after you made love. We can’t leave because he’s not opening up to you. We can’t leave because he has a complicated issue with his past. We can’t leave because he doesn’t like the same things as you do. We can’t just leave because we know deep inside that we don’t want to leave.

This is where communication is really vital. Opening up about your worries and concerns will make a huge difference. It’s either he or you will willingly change or you can just wait for him/her as long as you’ve aired your concern.

I know this may sound like you’re “The Martyr” but I guess there is no real formula on how to love. But why would you end something that you’ve been wanting to have just because you have a few differences that you can both work out if you want to. Patience is really a virtue and understanding that your loved one is human will make you accept his/her shortcomings easily. The commitment that you both chose to get into will be the light that will guide you towards a common goal which is to be together for the rest of your lives. Giving up will never be an option and don’t ever make your partner feel like he/she is alone in this fight.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this endless rant. So I’ll end this right here with a message to the only man I love..

“Mahal na mahal kita. Lahat ng gusto kong sabihin nasabi ko na at alam mong hinding hindi ako magsasawang intindihin ka. Pasensya ka na kung medyo emotional ako. Maging masaya ka yun lang talaga yung gusto ko.”