Twenty Ninth of November

I once read something that says, “You JUST have to find that one person who is worthy of your love.”

And I knew that I will ALWAYS consider you as that one person who deserves all the pain and love that I am feeling and will feel.

You MAKE me cry like a baby and make me laugh like crazy, sometimes all at the same time.

But I never would have traded IT with anything else in the world

Because you, yes you.. are my Mr. RIGHT, Mr. Pogi and future Mister.. 😜

Hi Mahal.

Happy Monthsary.. I’ve written you a couple of poems already and I know no matter how many lines I’ve composed it won’t tantamount to the love I have for you. Thank you for always being there for me. For all the support and love. For helping me find my way back to Christ. I’ll always be thankful to you and your family for everything. I love you so much.


Twenty Ninth of October

You were JUST a fantasy of mine before, a fantasy that I never thought I would have.

My life has ALWAYS been a mess and screwed, never knowing what the future has in store for me,

But then I met you, and MAKE me realize that you can’t really control things that are meant to be.

There may be people around us who’ll judge but IT didn’t stop us no matter how rough the waters are.

I never want to question why we just met now, because I guess God knows what is really RIGHT for us all the time.

Twenty Ninth of September

I want to let you know that even when people JUST don’t understand us,

That our love is really something that I ALWAYS want the world to know because

Going through the life that I had been wasn’t easy but you always MAKE me feel that everything will be in the past,

That everything IT has shown me will never be a part of my future, our future.

You are RIGHTest thing that ever happened in my so complicated life.

Happy Monthsary Mahal ko. Half a year na lang 1 year na tayo. ☺️☺️☺️ I know we can’t please everybody and some people can’t be happy for us but we’ll make it through, I know… Together.. I love you so much.😘😘😘

Twenty Ninth of August

We sometimes come to a point when we JUST can’t stop arguing

But we ALWAYS find a way to settle our differences

We MAKE it a point to prioritize our love rather than our misunderstandings

I’m sorry if I’m too clingy, IT is something I really can’t help but feel

Because RIGHT next to you is a place I know I’ll always be home for real.


Happy Monthsary Mahal Ko.🤗🤗🤗

No rhymes or lines will ever adequately describe how I really feel about you.. Simple sweet messages from you makes me cry with overwhelming joy parang kagabi.. Hehehe.. I really am just so blessed to have you..I love you so much..😘😘😘 See you later..

Twenty Ninth of July

There may be times when I am JUST not so lovable

And I may ALWAYS expect too much from you and seem disappointed

You may sometimes think that you don't MAKE me happy anymore

But trust me on this, IT will never be like that

I may not do anything RIGHT but I hope you know how much I do love you.

Please don't ever doubt that and please don't get tired of me.

Happy Monthsary Mahal ko.. I love you so much.  I always say that and please do keep that in mind all the time. Thank you sa patience and understanding sa mood shifts ko. Mahal na mahal kita..

Twenty Ninth of June

I know that we JUST parted two days ago and we’re going to be together again in a few days but I really do miss you so badly already

I miss the way you ALWAYS know what I wanted and needed, even when I told you I don’t which is really sweet and thoughtful

I miss the way you MAKE me feel special every single moment that we’re together, we may not celebrate our day today in each other’s arms I think those memories are enough to help me get by

I swear I will never let anybody or anything ruin us, IT will never be something we’re gonna be worried about

I may not be able to turn back time to make everything perfect but RIGHT now I don’t really need a perfect situation only the perfect person to spend every imperfect situation we may face.

Happy Monthsary Mahal ko.. See you soon.. Miss you much.. Thank you for making my vacation extra special.. Next year ulit.. Iingat ka po Mahal ko.. Lalo na sa monster na nkadrawing sa katawan mo.. hahaha.. I love you sooo much.. 

Happy Father’s Day

To the guy who is not JUST the best boyfriend but the best father I know.

The man who ALWAYS put the needs of his sons first before his own.

The father who doesn’t let anything MAKE you stop sacrificing everything for the sake of those he love the most

And I know IT is one of those things that makes me love you even more and more each day

Today is your day and it is just RIGHT to give you the recognition that you truly deserve.

Mahal ko Happy Happy Father’s Day.. I won’t let this pass without showing the world how wonderful and responsible father you are. You proved to everybody that being responsible doesn’t come with age but with the perseverance and sincere love to your kids.  I’m really proud of you Mahal and grateful that I get to spend my everyday with someone as awesome as you forever. I love you so much… 😘😘😘😘😘