Happy Father’s Day

To the guy who is not JUST the best boyfriend but the best father I know.

The man who ALWAYS put the needs of his sons first before his own.

The father who doesn’t let anything MAKE you stop sacrificing everything for the sake of those he love the most

And I know IT is one of those things that makes me love you even more and more each day

Today is your day and it is just RIGHT to give you the recognition that you truly deserve.

Mahal ko Happy Happy Father’s Day.. I won’t let this pass without showing the world how wonderful and responsible father you are. You proved to everybody that being responsible doesn’t come with age but with the perseverance and sincere love to your kids.  I’m really proud of you Mahal and grateful that I get to spend my everyday with someone as awesome as you forever. I love you so much… 😘😘😘😘😘


Being away from you is something I JUST don’t want to feel anymore

ALWAYS thinking about what you’re doing and worrying about your safety are things I really can’t endure

Not being with you or not hearing anything from you before I fall asleep MAKE me crazier than ever

IT is not something I wound want to go through again from the day we go return to our lives together

Because RIGHT now what I feel is so unbearable and going back to it the second time is something I would never get over.

Twenty Ninth of May 2017


To the man who wasn’t JUST my boyfriend but also my best friend.

To the man who pushes me up constantly and ALWAYS has my back

To the man who MAKE my every day better than the day before that

I know no words will ever explain how happy and grateful I am to have you

Every moment you spent with me, you have no idea how much I appreciate IT.

Since day one, I always look forward to the RIGHT time when your face will be the first and the last thing I’ll ever lay eyes on every day of my life.



When we were JUST friends, all I ever wanted was for you to want me more than that

I would ALWAYS wish that one day you’ll love me with all of you no matter what.

Then that day came when you MAKE me feel so overwhelmed with feelings which is so senseless

Something that even my rational mind can’t fathom and IT made me feel so restless.

I’m scared that I’m pushing you away by all the fears that I feel, fail to do the RIGHT thing and be careless.

I rarely quote excerpts from an article to my entries but when we fought last night, all I ever wanted was to suppress everything that I’m feeling, swallow my pride, forget about the pain and just kiss and make up. So I searched for some articles that would help me ease my mind with worries, you know me, reading relaxes me. 

Then I saw this article from Elite Daily, “Something to Fight About: Couples Who Fight The Most, Love Each Other The Most”

Fighting means you care enough to deal with the hurt and anger, rather than just walk away. It means actively pursuing a solution, a breakthrough that will make you stronger.

No two people are going to agree on everything, and fighting just means you’ve hit a point in your journey together that needs special attention and communication.

They pointed out some other points and I really do hope I’ll get the consolation prize (clue: last part of the linked article)

Honestly, when I read that, I was somewhat relieved that it isn’t a bad sign that we argue on some things more often that I expected. I guess I’ve never loved anyone this much to realize that fighting is a good sign in a realtionship.

I want to apologize personally and don’t want to publish the details here.

We’ll make it better. Right, Mahal? 



JUST like our favorite song is saying

The one song that we ALWAYS love to sing

“Even if we fight a million times over little things, we can still MAKE it better.”

And even though we still don’t have that promise ring and there may be times when we unintentionally hurt each other,

IT will never compare to all the love I have for you.

I know that we still have so much to go through but I know that the RIGHT thing to do is stay with you.

I really hate times like these when we argue and I’m not with you. I don’t know if I’m being unreasonable again or if you are. All I know is I miss you. I don’t want us like this, Mahal.

I’m sorry if I always have to write what I want toΒ convey to you in this blog but it really doesn’t matter who reads this, all that matters is I was able to express in my own simple way how I want us to make up. I don’t want to add up to any worries you’re having right now.

I love you so much, Mahal.


Earlier while I was trying to change the profile picture of my eldest daughter’s Facebook account, I realized how much she has grown and how she became a beautiful lady like her mom (please don’t contradict). 

Though most of her childhood I wasn’t with her, I know that I never failed in showing her how much I love her. She was my saving grace. She was the one person that kept me strong during those times when I feel like giving up because of all the disappointments that I gave to my mum. 

When I had her, I never really thought of all the people that might think I’m not the kind of girl every nursing student should call their “Ms. Florence Nightingale”. Because I’m not the model student they thought I was. But instead, I made her my inspiration to finish my studies because I know I can’t depend on my mother forever in racing my daughter. So I did.

Although we’re not together because I had to work for them, I know my love is always with her and her sisters.

I’ll see you real soon, baby and your sisters.. Miss you bigtime..



Mahal, I JUST want you to know that I’m thinking about you.

All the times we are together are the thoughts that ALWAYS get me through the lonely hours of being away from you…

But I never felt alone even when you’re not with me, because you MAKE sure that I won’t feel that way

and IT really is a blessing to have you in my life in every single second of my day.

RIGHT now, I have nothing more to ask for because I know our love is here to stay.