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Twenty Ninth of November

I once read something that says, “You JUST have to find that one person who is worthy of your love.”

And I knew that I will ALWAYS consider you as that one person who deserves all the pain and love that I am feeling and will feel.

You MAKE me cry like a baby and make me laugh like crazy, sometimes all at the same time.

But I never would have traded IT with anything else in the world

Because you, yes you.. are my Mr. RIGHT, Mr. Pogi and future Mister.. 😜

Hi Mahal.

Happy Monthsary.. I’ve written you a couple of poems already and I know no matter how many lines I’ve composed it won’t tantamount to the love I have for you. Thank you for always being there for me. For all the support and love. For helping me find my way back to Christ. I’ll always be thankful to you and your family for everything. I love you so much.