Twenty Ninth of September

I want to let you know that even when people JUST don’t understand us,

That our love is really something that I ALWAYS want the world to know because

Going through the life that I had been wasn’t easy but you always MAKE me feel that everything will be in the past,

That everything IT has shown me will never be a part of my future, our future.

You are RIGHTest thing that ever happened in my so complicated life.

Happy Monthsary Mahal ko. Half a year na lang 1 year na tayo. ☺️☺️☺️ I know we can’t please everybody and some people can’t be happy for us but we’ll make it through, I know… Together.. I love you so much.😘😘😘


A Message for You to Keep in Mind

Whenever I see you stressed out with JUST about everything that’s going on in your mind, I wish I can have some pieces of those so you won’t have to endure it alone.

I know I can’t ALWAYS make you smile or my presence isn’t enough not to think about those that’s exhausting you but I do hope, with all that I am, that I can.

I may not MAKE you forget all the unnerving pain of being in your situation but please don’t forget that I am here to share your burdens.

IT may seem like I don’t feel you’re already burned out but you are terribly wrong because your pain will always be my pain.

Whatever you’re going through RIGHT now, please remember that when you go home you’ll always have my shoulder for you to cry on, my arms to keep you steady when you feel like giving up, my eyes to see right through you without saying a word, my mind to help you think of every possible solution and my heart to love you completely and unconditionally.