JUST like our favorite song is saying

The one song that we ALWAYS love to sing

“Even if we fight a million times over little things, we can still MAKE it better.”

And even though we still don’t have that promise ring and there may be times when we unintentionally hurt each other,

IT will never compare to all the love I have for you.

I know that we still have so much to go through but I know that the RIGHT thing to do is stay with you.

I really hate times like these when we argue and I’m not with you. I don’t know if I’m being unreasonable again or if you are. All I know is I miss you. I don’t want us like this, Mahal.

I’m sorry if I always have to write what I want to convey to you in this blog but it really doesn’t matter who reads this, all that matters is I was able to express in my own simple way how I want us to make up. I don’t want to add up to any worries you’re having right now.

I love you so much, Mahal.


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