Earlier while I was trying to change the profile picture of my eldest daughter’s Facebook account, I realized how much she has grown and how she became a beautiful lady like her mom (please don’t contradict). 

Though most of her childhood I wasn’t with her, I know that I never failed in showing her how much I love her. She was my saving grace. She was the one person that kept me strong during those times when I feel like giving up because of all the disappointments that I gave to my mum. 

When I had her, I never really thought of all the people that might think I’m not the kind of girl every nursing student should call their “Ms. Florence Nightingale”. Because I’m not the model student they thought I was. But instead, I made her my inspiration to finish my studies because I know I can’t depend on my mother forever in racing my daughter. So I did.

Although we’re not together because I had to work for them, I know my love is always with her and her sisters.

I’ll see you real soon, baby and your sisters.. Miss you bigtime..


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