Never doubted that Mike Ross will be a lawyer in any part of the Series but I just feel soooo awesome now that he really is in the Bar.

Just finished watching the Season finale of Suits and I’m just overwhelmed with glee with what transpired in the episode.

Love that scene with Dr. Julius Rowe.

Dr. Julius Rowe: With all due respect Ma’am, I’m done wasting my breath on you, because the purpose of this hearing was to determine if Mike Ross had reformed, but you don’t seem to be interested in that because you’ve already made your mind up.

Anita Gibbs: Maybe I have.

Dr. Julius Rowe: Then maybe you shouldn’t be on this committee.

Love that whole scene but of course, who wasn’t beguiled with the appearance of the Jessica in this season finale.She really has that presence that you can’t and won’t be able to ignore.

I’m not really here to give a detailed review of the Suits Season 6 Finale, just wanted to let this happiness out of my chest. You might say that I’m obsessed with this Mike Ross being a lawyer thing despite all the troubles it had caused everyone around him just to have that license to practice law but I really do think he deserve that. I know he would do the same thing for them because they’re “FAMILY”. Who would ever doubt that?

Well, let’s wrap this up with this awesome photo of my most loved lawyers in the universe.

To my daughters, I do hope one of you will become a lawyer someday. Hehehe.. Well, a mom can dream but you know I would never choose the right path for you, I’m here to guide you and watch you succeed.


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