imagesnh93uqp6It’s the late bloomer again. When I became an OFW, I think that’s when I realized that hesitation is a flaw that nobody should practice.

First, during my job hunting days, I always hesitate to send my CVs to companies I thought and believe will not accept or even read my application because of lack of experience etc. but then again I realized that it’s all a matter of taking risks and taking your chances. Though I didn’t get the job I really wanted on my first try at least I have job. Right?

Second, before I came here I only sing and dance in our class or in Karaoke at home, I didn’t even join groups during my college days. I envy those people who are members of the Glee Club, Dance Troupe or any other clubs. I hate auditioning. I always hesitate because I don’t want to be rejected. Although, I’m still kind of hesitant today, at least I’ve overcame some of it. Baby steps…


TLC 2014



Being a member of Xtreme  and a former member of The Lord’s Choir (TLC) kind of helped me develop a not so introverted personally. I enjoy dancing now with my group and would never hesitate to do things that I love.

Being an OFW helped me grow more independent in my choices knowing that I can handle my own life. I care less of what other people might say about me because I know that I wasn’t born and I’m not living to please them.

To my daughters:

Remember that being hesitant is not good. Knowing what you want and doing something about it will help you bigtime in achieving your goals in life. Don’t let other people stop you from doing what you love as long you’re not stepping on other people’s toes.


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